Travel Ban:
Make America Laugh Again

directed by Samy Chouia

Documentary Feature | 2019 | USA | 84 min | English

Travel Ban: Make America Laugh Again is about being brown and immigrant in America seen through the eyes of comedians of Middle Eastern background.

Warning: language

Writer, Director, Producer. In 1990, Samy earned his Bachelor of Arts undergraduate college degree in Motion Pictures from Columbia College in Hollywood, California. He has also studied at the prestigious London International Film School. With over 20 years of active experience in the film industry, Samy’s experience covers every aspect of filmmaking: writing, directing, cinematography and editing. Samy has authored over twenty-two feature-length screenplays, three of them were produced. In 2001, he was honored as a Finalist in the Sundance Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. The same year, Samy placed as a Semi-Finalist at the prestigious Chesterfield Screenplay Competition organized by Paramount Pictures selecting his screenplay “Behind the Veil” from over 7,000 entries. Samy also worked as a script consultant on several major motion pictures such as Jarhead, The Kingdom and Kingdom of Heaven.

Additionally, Samy has written and directed a few short films and one narrative feature called “The Trap,” which premiered at The Laemmle Theater in West Hollywood in January 2005, and was sold worldwide and distributed on DVD in North America. Additionally, Samy produced four Reality Show pilots, one of them, called “Hooking Up,” for Reality Show giant Endemol.

Samy recently wrote “Redemption Day,” an action hostage thriller that is currently in pre-production. He also has several projects in development. Recently, Samy wrote and directed “Travel Ban,” a feature documentary about being brown and immigrant in Trump’s America. Samy’s next project is “Redeployed,” a narrative feature about a U.S. Marine racing to prevent an apparent terrorist attack on the night of his redeployment to Iraq. He is currently looking for investors.

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