directed by Handuo Zhang

Narrative Short | 2019 | Canada | 12 min | English

Everyone is living life by oneself while being in an infinite white space. One’s environment is created and based on one’s deepest memories. After an unknown amount of time, One starts to forget. The white space exists while doing nothing, or is it actually doing everything? What can one do?

Born in the north-east region of China mainland in 1994, Handuo Zhang officially started his film/art studies at the age of 18 at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada. During the four years' program, he also put the effort into the academic and practical sides of fine art. These experiences are not only a tool for storytelling but a media that has the power to pass on and instinctive information. Handuo created his graduation short film with this understanding. Later on, he worked for the film/art studio In The Trench Productions for two years, where he gained experience in curating, filmmaking, constructing, handcrafting, etc. After knowing the limitation of staying in his current comfort zone, he chose to start a new life in Germany and went to the Master's program Digital Narratives at the ifs international film school cologne.

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