Nothing On US:
Pinays Rising 

directed by Ruby Ibarra, Evelyn Obamos, Dale Keanu Muong

Documentary Short | 2018 | USA | 25 min | English

In NOTHING ON US: PINAYS RISING, Pinay Rapper Ruby Ibarra makes her directorial debut showing how she orchestrated an ambitious vision for her music video of “Us,” working through logistical nightmares and corralling a crowdsourced all-Pinay cast of 200 to create a multi-dimensional narrative. This documentary showcases the song’s global tropes of resistance and solidarity, serving as a Pinay anthem for women to continue rising.

Warning: language

Evelyn Obamos identifies as an island-born city girl who thrives at the intersection of lifelong learning, hustlin, and chill vibes. She plays tennis for fun and sings karaoke for sport. What her resume won’t tell you is that she fits the bill of what some people controversially describe as living the American dream, and her mom still has no clue what her day job at Pinterest entails.

Ruby Ibarra is a rapper and spoken word artist from the Bay Area, CA. She released her debut album, CIRCA91, at the end of 2017. She is currently promoting her record through her tour across the United States. She has been featured on noted web-based publications such as Buzzfeed, NPR, Huffington Post, and XXL Magazine, and was recently featured in a MasterCard commercial and campaign with R&B singer SZA.

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