Nailed It

directed by Adele Pham

Documentary Feature | 2018 | USA | 60 min | Vietnamese, English

“Nailed It” chronicles the genesis and legacy of the 40 year Vietnamese nail salon and its influence on an $8 billion-dollar American industry. For mixed-race Vietnamese filmmaker Adele Pham, it’s personal, as she confronts her cultural conflicts and discovers her place within the community, by peeling back the layers of this niche trade seen by everyone but known to few.

Director/DP Adele Free Pham is a mixed ¬≠race Vietnamese American documentary filmmaker with experience in all aspects of documentary production, including cinematography, editing, and direction. Her first documentary “Parallel Adele” about mixed Asian identity screened at CAAM way back in 2009. The film also screened at the Smithsonian aired on PBS. It is distributed by Third World Newsreel. Adele edited the feature length version of “The Prep School Negro” directed by Andre Robert Lee, which also premiered on PBS. “Rebirth: New Orleans” a feature documentary Adele filmed for PBS about the charter school takeover post Katrina is streaming on Netflix. While producing “Nailed It” Adele has been coordinating community screenings for “The Throwaways” a feature documentary she produced about the impact of mass incarceration and police brutality on black males in America told through the narrative of Director Ira Eugene McKinley. Adele is also the Cinematographer for “The Forgotten Occupation” Directed by Alain Martin, and a 2016 Firelight Doc Lab Fellow.

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