My Brother’s Pigeons

directed by Hardi Qadir

Documentary Short | 2019 | Iraq | 24 min | Kurdish, English

"We don’t know from where we human beings got the belief that all the creature on this planet are in our favor. We have allowed ourselves to behead and eat them, make them fight for our own fun. We like to gamble on their death and suffering. We have given ourselves the right to cage them or display them in their worst conditions to make money. I saw numerous scenes of beheading without a flinch whenever I went to a poultry market. They behead chickens, roosters, geese and ducks in front of other poultry as if they want to hurt other living poultry. I never thought of how tired and afraid these creatures might be. Humans don’t shy away from hurting animals to satisfy their desires. They make animals confront one another while they laugh. But there are a few but meaningful efforts under way, making us somehow hopeful. We hope to see more of these efforts. They demand us to learn this universe is not in our disposal, all creatures has the right to live freely. We don’t have the right to eat them or abuse them for our entertainment."

Warning: animal cruelty

Hardi Qadir is both a Director and Editor with over 100 documentaries under his belt, spanning over a 15 year- period. Some of his award-winning works are “Slaughterhouse”, winning Best documentary at Chira Film Festival in 2012, and “The First Story”, winning Best Video Edit at the Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival in 2014. His current work in progress is “Forsaken Horses of Mosul”.

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