Justice For Vincent

directed by Andy Palmer

Narrative Short | 2018 | USA | 17 min | English

A brutal case of bloodshed, a mother’s gut-wrenching loss, and a community’s outrage, Justice For Vincent (JFV) is an intensely disturbing yet inspiring modern story about race told from a rarely seen Asian American perspective.  The award-winning short film is based on the historic Vincent Chin case that sparked the first Asian civil rights movement in America.

Mistaken for being Japanese, Chinese American citizen Chin was bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat days before his wedding by two autoworkers during the so-called “Japanese Auto Invasion” in Detroit 1982 — a crime that saw the murderers walk free with a mere $3000 fine and three-year probation.

Archival images of the Chin case featured in the film were graciously provided by real life activists Helen Zia, Stewart Koh, and photojournalist Corky Lee.

Disclaimer: JFV is based on a true story. Certain dialogue, events, and characters in the film were created for the purposes of dramatization.

Though most recognized for his award-winning work in horror, Andy Palmer signed on to direct Justice For Vincent (JFV) as a result of his own racially tinged experiences. Hailing from conservative roots in America, Palmer's wife is of Filipino heritage. The biracial couple has encountered bouts of discrimination throughout their relationship. Palmer also contributed to the script of JFV.

Originally from Toronto, Lawrence Chau as "Henry Lee" got his showbiz break in Hong Kong and then went on to become an award-winning household name on the small screen in Singapore hosting, acting and producing a number of top rated programs there, including Showbuzz, Hollywood Squares Singapore (AKA Celebrity Squares), Don't Worry, Be Happy!, Capital E Asia and Miss Singapore Universe. In North America, he is most recognized for his work as the host of the award-winning international paranormal TV series, Ghostly Encounters. In addition to acting, Chau serves as the writer, producer and executive producer of JFV.

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