directed by Joy Marzec

Narrative Feature | 2018 | USA | 105 min English

When Skylar, a cloistered nun, gets word of her sister's death, her life's future suddenly comes into question. Granted eight days outside the convent by the Mother Abbess, Skylar ventures out on a pilgrimage to the religious town of Chimayo, New Mexico, where her sister is buried. On her journey Skylar is joined by two other outsiders, a runaway teenager and a train-hopping drifter, whose presence and friendship challenge her life's dedication to God. I AM THAT is a sparkling modern pop style film whose novelty and original soundtrack breathe new life into the timeless story about the pursuit to find connection and certainty in one's life.

Warning: mature content (sexual content, violence, language)

Joy Marzec is a writer and director who has always liked fairy tales, myths, ghost and surrealistic stories. At 12 she begin writing scenes and short stories. At 16 she discovered yoga and often threads yogic philosophy into her screenplays. Her next feature film, Survival of the Holy Fool, is an urban drama about politically divided neighbors whose biases and fears slowly build until it all explodes into one violent riot. Joy has written and directed two shorts plus a feature titled, I Am That. I Am That won Best New Mexico Feature at the 2019 Santa Fe Independent Film Festival and is still on the film festival circuit. Her favorite filmmakers are Robert Altman, Stanley Kubrick, Akira Kurosawa, Billy Wilder, and Michael Powell.

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