directed by Jessica Freund

Narrative Short | 2018 | USA | 12 min | Korean with English subtitles

A short film following two sisters escaping North Korea during the Korean War, "Divided" sheds light on the story of many forgotten victims who have sacrificed their lives for the pursuit of freedom south of the parallel.

Warning: violence

Jessica Freund’s passion to be in the film industry began at a very young age in performing arts. She began to pursue a professional career upon joining SAG-AFTRA, while learning the ropes of behind the scene work as an Assistant Director, Production Designer, and Director while attending film school. In 2012, her short film, Nancy — which she wrote and directed — was accepted into her local college’s juried Media Entertainment Arts Showcase. Not only was filmmaking a great aspiration of hers, but she also grew an interest in video art and experimental filmmaking. In 2015, her video piece entitled Static Images was also accepted into her college’s Annual Juried Student Exhibition. That same year, she directed her first experimental film, Parasomnia.

Jessica is now a graduate from California State University, Northridge and holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Film Production with an emphasis in Cinematography. She was one of four chosen directors to produce her senior thesis film, 분단 (English Title: DIVIDED), which follows two sisters escaping North Korea during the Korean War. The relevancy of this film gained attention from the Korean Consulate and was featured in the news from the Korea Times and Radio Free Asia.

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