directed by Eugene Kim

Narrative Short | 2018 | USA | 18 min | English

In 1998, Daly City, Christian Flores, an R&B singer whose career was short lived, wakes up after a long night of partying to find that his prized possession, his Toyota MR2, has been towed. However, Christian did manage to score a girl’s number in his drunken haze, which he also loses. Living paycheck to paycheck, selling cell phones at the mall, Christian does not have enough money to get his car back. Christian has the rest of the weekend to figure out how he’s going to get the money to get his car out, all while trying to find out who the girl is.

Warning: language, drug paraphernalia

After writing and directing a number of award-winning shorts while studying film at San Jose State University, Eugene Kim went on to write and direct his first narrative feature, Liquor Store Cactus, which world premiered at the Pusan International Film Festival in the summer of 2009.

In 2010, Eugene began work on his second feature film, Gooberland. Gooberland is a film that exhibits the hardships of being a struggling musician in the Bay Area. Gooberland examines the hopes and dreams that seem to fuel our current generation, as well as dissecting the adversity of contemporary relationships.

Eugene tends to display the honest hardships of everyday living through his writing. Most of his writing derives from the places that he's been, the situations that he's seen, and the people he's crossed paths with.

As a filmmaker, Eugene wishes to make honest films that will resonate with those willing to watch.

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