Champagne Social 

directed by Ralph Torrefranca

Narrative Short | 2018 | USA | 13 min | English

An indecisive couple struggles on their plans for New Years Eve and a simple question spirals into a fear driven examination of their long winded, broken relationship.

Warning: language

With roots in the Bay Area, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and even Germany; Filipino-American filmmaker Ralph Torrefranca has a unique upbringing under his belt.

Most known for his work as the frontman/guitarist of the band Dr. Doctor (KROQ, KCRW), the art form of great storytelling has been an obsession for Ralph.

Over the summer of his Sophomore year of Highschool, an intro to film class taught by Santa Barbara International Film Festival founder Roger Durling left a long lasting impression on 15 year old Ralph and subsequently his ongoing love for cinema. Armed with a Mini DV Sony Handycam, he went spent his early years filming DIY music videos and short films with his friends in Santa Barbara, CA.

Flash forward to his current years in Los Angeles, Ralph has garnered a few projects on his CV including “Bellingham” (2012) a short film he wrote and co-produced that was directed by Ron Santarsiero. He has also produced/co-wrote music videos for bands like Torches (When You Gonna) and HUNNY (Cry for Me). In addition to his production work, Ralph’s main focus has been in screenwriting and directing.

“Champagne Social” is a culmination of years thru personal and first hand experiences, studying both loving but ultimately toxic relationships either first hand or by close friends.

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