directed by Anna Chi

Narrative Short | 2018 | USA | 29 min | English

Michelle, a 17-year-old Chinese American girl, is trying to figure out her sexual identity while her mother and her stepfather are busy with her almost 4-month-old baby sister. One day Michelle is left in charge of the baby on her own, she gets frustrated with the crying baby and takes the baby to the beach. While Michelle thinks the outing created a special bonding between her and her baby sister, her worried parents blame her for being irresponsible. They fight. Michelle’s mother is confronted with the facts that Michelle has been hurting herself and she is gay.

Warning: self-harm (cutting)

Originally from China, Anna Chi resides in L.A. She is an Executive Producer on 2018’s Audience Award winning Sundance hit film “Burden”, which stars Forest Whitaker and Tom Wilkinson. She directed the comedy-drama “Dim Sum Funeral” (2008), for which she was nominated for the Panavision Spirit Award for Independent Cinema at 2009’s Santa Barbara Film Festival. She recently directed the animated adventure film “The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island” for Shout Factory. Her other feature film credits include writing, directing, and producing independent film “Blindness”, which stars Lisa Lu, Vivian Wu, Joe Lando; writing and directing Chinese language film “Cicada Summer” (2012), which stars Win Xin and Cheng Yi; Associate Producer on Po-Chi Leong’s “The Jade Pendant” (2017), which stars Godfrey Gao and Russell Wong; Executive Producer on “Mojin - The Lost Legend” (2015); Associate Producer on Kaige Chen’s film “Killing Me Softly” (2002), which stars Heather Graham and Joseph Fiennes. Anna has been a consultant on many major U.S. feature films, including “The Joy Luck Club” and Oliver Stone’s “Nixon”.  

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