Playing Frisbee in North Korea

directed by Savanna Washington

Documentary Feature | 2018 | USA | 86 min | Korean, English

PLAYING FRISBEE IN NORTH KOREA is the first documentary produced and directed by an African-American female filmmaker from inside North Korea. It follows Ms. Washington’s journey inside North Korea, offering a first time glimpse into the everyday life of its people. Through interviews with North Korean refugees, long time aid workers, scholars, and experts on the topic, this documentary provides an authentic, inimitable perspective of the lives, struggles, and humanity of the North Korean people.

Savanna received her M.F.A. in Directing from City College in New York. While attending City College she was awarded a Colin Powell Graduate Fellowship, the first filmmaker to be honored. As a community activist and activist educator, Savanna has used her life to effect change. Ms. Washington has over 20 years experience as a writer, director, and activist.

She was awarded a Puffin Grant for her film work on urban greening and in 2013 awarded a production grant from the Colin L. Powell Center's Korean Issues & Insights Endowment for her documentary, “Playing Frisbee in North Korea.” She went to North Korea in 2013 and filmed there for the documentary. She is currently an instructor with The New School in Media Studies, and an Associate Professor in Film and Video Arts with City University of New York. She resides in New York City.

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