Passage to Womanhood

directed by Inaya Graciana Yusuf

Documentary Short | 2018 | USA (Texas Premiere) | 30 min | Malay, English

A group of Muslim trans women stand their ground against social marginalization in secular Malaysia. Redefining femininity in Islam they are painting painting their own portrayal of womanhood.

Inaya Graciana Yusuf is an Indonesian-American filmmaker. She has worked on short documentaries to feature length projects such as Miriam, Amplify: The Story of Synesthetes, Passage to Womanhood, Dhalang and Minding Our Own. Her films has participated in several festivals across United States, Colombia, China, Ireland, Denmark and Canada. She has received a Gold Award at The Spotlight Documentary Film Awards and Award of Recognition in Short Documentary, Women Filmmaker, Contemporary Issues and Editing. Throughout the years she worked on projects with clients including HBO, BBC, ESPN, Lifetime, NBC, FOX, PBS, MLS Soccer USA, Climate Reality, Yahoo! and VICE. Inaya’s corporate background in advertising and branding spearheaded her transition from design and motion graphics into filmmaking. Growing up in both Indonesia and United States, her personal work are often driven by her surroundings and revolves around women and children, identity politics and immigration, criminal justice system, contemporary issues in Islam, LGBTQ, and the Southeast Asian environment. She is currently working on her first feature film, The One and The Many. She is an Associate Teacher at MPS Directing (Short Live Action Film) at School of Visual Arts.

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