Neon Girl

directed by Zhang Yanyan

Narrative Short | 2018 | China | 18 min | Chinese with English subtitles

Amy, a 17 year-old girl, immerses herself in the online world. On the day of her birthday, Amy’s best friend visited her unexpectedly while she was video chatting with an anonymous, wanting to find out whether the rumors that are splashed in school are true. Sadly, they ended up with bitter rows and recriminations. Amy’s mother, who was drunk that time, eavesdropped the entire quarrel from behind the room door. Instead of consoling her daughter with soft and warm words, she further intensified the accusation. All the fights and drama were witnessed and recorded by the person behind the screen. Amy then received a series of viral videos......

Yanz graduated from Beijing Film Academy.In 2016.

She likes to express herself through movies, make connections and communicate with everyone.

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