Did I Hit You? 

directed by Jimmy Zhang

Documentary Short | 2018 | USA | 16 min | Chinese, English

A 60-year Chinese immigrant grandmother enrolls in a child development class where she confronts her past abusive parenting techniques. The film honors the simple dynamics of a child asking questions to a parent but as an adult.

Trained in community mental health and raised in the vibrant multicultural neighborhoods of San Francisco’s Chinatown, Bayview Hunter’s Point and Mission Districts by his immigrant grandmother, Jimmy began making films to understand his intimacy with the places he calls home. He now currently resides in Paris, France working on a documentary on queer people of color of Paris. He is a self-taught filmmaker and dedicates his films to celebrate the spirit of multiculturalism and intersectionality in San Francisco Bay Area, a place currently undergoing immense cultural, social and economic changes. His films are marked by their meditative and intimate style often exploring the ways in which people of diaspora are resilient in the midst of intergenerational trauma and blessing; the sacred relationship between people, their environment and their sense of belonging.

His fifteen-minute documentary Shoes I Walk In was filmed in the heart of San Francisco and screened in local festivals and art centers, including Center For Asian American Media Festival at the Alamo Drafthouse Theater, African American Culture Complex Museum, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, the Bayview Opera House and Browntourage Media. His journey has been supported by the United States of Asian America Festival, San Francisco Arts Commission and most recently Multi-Storied Inc, a feature-length screenwriting fellowship program with Chanelle Elaine as his mentor.

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