Confucious Plaza

directed by Patrick Chen

Narrative Short | 2017 | USA | 5 min | Cantonese with English subtitles

CONFUCIUS PLAZA exhibits a son (Shing Ka) retelling his father’s story to his lover (Devon Diep) that could be passed down within the family of generations. A look inside one of the 762 apartments of this Confucius Plaza located at 33 Bowery in New York’s Chinatown.

Patrick Chen is a filmmaker from Queens, New York. He produced numerous short narratives featuring Asian American stories. His work was showcased at MOCA (Museum of Chinese in American), Comcast Xfinity, and various film festivals, e.g. CAAMfest, LAAPFF and PAAFF, etc. In late-2018 he was one of a few candidates to be considered for the A3 Foundation Sundance Writers Lab.

Additional works of Patrick Chen can be found under his Chinese name, Chen Xi Hao.

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