directed by Farshid Ayoobinejad

Narrative Short | 2018 | Iran | 12 min | Persian

A few workers of a stone factory without healthcare, have to hide in a dark and small room every month when the insurance agent arrives. This time many problems happen. Some of them who are not happy with their situation and didn't receive their salary for couple of months want to show themselves to the agent so their boss gets a huge surtax, but there is a gas leak in the room and one of the workers who has asthma is about to die. Finally, all the workers help him to get near a window close to the ceiling and he survives.

Born in September 21, 1984. Tehran, Iran. Farshid Ayoobinejad started photography at the age of 15 with analog cameras. After obtaining a diploma in cinema and a B.A. in Theater, he's started photography in TV-series and movies. In 2002, he started making short films. Some of his works include “A Time To See Empty Midnight Streets”, and “Origami”.  

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