Worth | 2017 | Texas Premiere

Directed by Vokee Lee
15 min

Sat Jun 2 | 12 PM

Based on a true story in 1982, Pao, a teenage Hmong refugee boy struggles to adapt to the American lifestyle as he faces racism and bullying in high school, in search of his own self-identity.

Language English, Hmong

Country or Origin USA

Genre Narrative Short, Drama

Director, writer, and producer Vokee Lee, born in a refugee camp in Thailand on July 21st, 1990 after post-Vietnam war of 1975. Vokee's father, a Hmong recruited soldier at the age of 12, by the American CIA led by President John F. Kennedy to aid the Americans fight against the communist (which later came to be known as the secret war) came to America in 1993 with his family in search of freedom and education. Vokee is part of a growing but small group of first Hmong filmmakers from the United States. Vokee graduated from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) and is currently working on a script for a dramatic sci-fi/thriller short film and an idea for a heartfelt feature film love story. 

Aside from Vokee's passion of filmmaking, he believes to be the best, constant improvements and growth in one's own passion and profession all starts with the heart.

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