Tailored to Fit | 2017 | Houston Premiere

Directed by Xin Li
22 min

Sat Jun 2 | 2:40 PM

As the emblem of national couture, Qipao, the Chinese traditional dress, has a controversial and turbulent history in the last 100 years, from being a symbol of female liberation, to bourgeois decadence in the Mao’s era.

Xin Li, the director of this 21-minute documentary, Tailored To Fit, tries to retain her cultural identity in the United States by participating in a Qipao pageant in the Chinese American community. However, instead of feeling closer to her culture, she feels uncomfortable by the exotic interpretation of the dress as perpetuated by the Western media. Thus, she sets out on a journey to discover what this dress means, to herself, and also to the different generations of Chinese American women living in California.

Language English, Chinese

Country or Origin USA

Genre Documentary Short

Xin Li is a producer and director from China. Xin discovered her passion for documentary filmmaking when she was in college. She has worked with renowned documentarians based in London, Beijing and Los Angeles. She left her journalism job in 2014 to focus on building a career in filmmaking and later earned her MFA in filmmaking from the USC School of Cinematic Arts in 2017. In the past two years, Xin has directed and produced award-winning fiction and documentary films about immigrant culture and the LGBTQIA community in Los Angeles.

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