Other | 2017 | Houston Premiere

Directed by Peter Trinh
13 min

Sat Jun 2 | 3:10 PM

It has always been a challenge for Asians and Asian-Americans to be at the forefront of race and social issues. Whether it's the model minority myth, perpetual foreigner stereotype, or the lack of presence in media and politics, Asians have been made to feel "othered". However, racism against Asians still exist, stereotypes continue, and we still are fighting to break through the "bamboo ceiling". This short documentary looks at these issues through interviews with voices from the Asian community. From politicians to professors, immigrants to illustrators, Chinese to Indian, perspective differs but our stories are all intertwined.

The documentary features insightful interviews with Katherine Cheng, who's political career has spanned working for Bill Clinton, Gary Locke, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton, Satwinder Kaur, a Sikh community activist who has spoken out in the media against violence towards South Asians and just became the first Sikh woman ever to be elected to the Kent, Washington, City Council, and other members of the Asian community from the San Francisco Bay Area and Seattle area. Local Seattle rappers Sendai Era provide the soundtrack to the film, cutting exclusive versions of their music for this documentary.

Language English, Vietnamese

Country or Origin USA

Genre Documentary Short

Peter Trinh is a freelance writer and first-time filmmaker based in Seattle. Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Peter is using writing and film to explore the Asian-American identity and expose racism against Asians. His article "The Asian American Identity" in Banana Magazine is being sold across the world from Seattle, to New York City, Amsterdam, and Tokyo. The piece has been mentioned by Nylon Magazine, Refinery29, and Hypebae. "Other" represents his directorial debut, carrying the same narrative, taking a dive into the Asian-American identity through interviews with influential members of the Asian community.

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