NGUYENing | The Lee Nguyen Story | 2017 | Texas Premiere

Directed by Alfonso Bui
22 min

Fri Jun 1 | 6:30 PM

A teenage soccer phenom skyrockets to stardom like no one before him, becoming the first ethnic Vietnamese player to represent the United States. Then, in an unprecedented move, he leaves for Asia, his star fading into obscurity.

Lee, the footballer son of two nations who traveled the world to find his footing. In a sport defined by winning, his story reminds us that it's instead how you deal with the unexpected turns of sport and of life that matter most.

Language English, Korean

Country or Origin USA

Genre Documentary Short

Alfonso Bui is a documentary filmmaker based out of New York City.

Following a couple of years as a high school dean, Alfonso decided to pursue a career in fashion photography which in turn led to the art of moving image. He currently provides cinematography for U.S. Soccer and MLS while also directing his own features including Art Therapy: The Movie and NGUYENing: The Lee Nguyen Story.

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