Language | 2017 | Texas Premiere

Directed by Mortada Gzar
12 min

Thu Jun 7 | 6:30 PM

People know him as "Hakam the blind". He transforms sewing machines into Braille printing machines. A Baghdad resident, Hakam spends his time listening to the voices of his city. When he survives a blast, he invents a special way to communicate with Baghdad.

Language Arabic

Genre Narrative Short

Mortada Gzar is a well-known Iraqi novelist, filmmaker, and visual artist. Born in Kuwait in 1982, he holds an engineering degree from the University of Baghdad, and has been a participant of the Iowa Writers' Workshop. His animation "Language" won the Doha Film Award. He is the author of three novels: Broom of Paradise (2008), Sayyid Asghar Akbar (2013), My Beautiful Cult (2016), and a short story collection,While She Like That.. (201). He is a regular contributor to the Lebanese newspaper al-Safir al-Arabi.

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