Fermented | 2017 | Texas Premiere

Directed by Jonathan Cianfrani
68 min

Wed Jun 6 | 6:35 PM

Look deeper, get a little dirty, and go ahead and find the beauty in rot. In the feature-length documentary FERMENTED, author and chef Edward Lee goes on a journey to understand the ancient process of fermentation and how it's used in modern times.

Language English

Genre Documentary Feature

Jonathan Cianfrani is a director, producer, and editor on the Emmy® and James Beard Award-winning "The Mind of a Chef" (PBS). For the last five years, he has documented chefs around the world, constantly seeking out new ways to connect them share their culinary passion to a food-loving audience. Fermented is his first documentary feature.

Director Q&A to Follow!

After the film and the Q&A discussion, join the HAAPIFest crew and Culture & Cuisine HTX for an Appreciation of AAPI Food+Films mixer. Eat some grub from Wokker’s Food Truck and network with different area experts on the process of fermentation.

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Wokker's choices for AAPI Food+FIlms Mixer:

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Culture & Cuisine HTX shows that  all people are the same with a slightly different flavor in how they live their lives. 

By listening to each other’s stories, we can recognize our shared humanity, connect through our similar values, develop empathy for one another, and transform perceptions and stereotypes that might be segregating us.

By experiencing and appreciating authentic food of a specific culture or region, we can come together over the common experience while learning and connecting with the people of that culture or region.

Wokker is a modern cuisine food truck with the ideals to cumulate the flavors and aromas of Houston into unique dishes. Our goal is to hand craft flavors and ingredients from traditional Asian dishes and meld them with good old fashioned Southern Cooking, focusing primarily on Texas BBQ and comfort foods. The result is spices and cultures that blend harmoniously, like they’ve always belonged together and ultimately developing unique flavors in a way that is seldom done. The evolution of Houston’s cuisine is inevitable. The ideals of our company are much more than your average food truck. Wokker aims to create the perfect dish that delivers our message in one bite: This is Houston, always growing, always changing, but always delicious.

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